Make-A-Fan Monday: Flux Books

Today I’m making you a fan of…Flux Books!

Reasons Why You Should Love Flux: To me, Flux strikes me as one of the more innovative Teen Imprints out there. It’s an independent publisher, catering exclusively to teens. Not middle grade, not picture book, not the broad umbrella of children’s lit. Just straight YA. As a result, I find a lot of there titles to err on the edgy side (a good thing, in my opinion), but really the genres run the gamut. Although not the powerhouse presence of a HarperCollins or Random House, Flux has managed to wrangle some of YA’s hottest authors. Right now, they have Simone Elkeles, Maggie Stiefvater, and A.S. King and I think Mandy Hubbard was just signed for a new book. What’s more, Flux puts out some great covers–always big in my book! Here are a few examples:


Finally, if you’re a writer, you can sub to them without an agent.

A few Flux books on my To Be Read List:

Second Virginity of Suzy Green

Suzy Green used to be one of the coolest “almost-Goth” party girls in Australia. That was before her older sister Rosie died and her family moved to a new town. Gone are the Doc Martens and the attitude. All she wants is to be like Rosie—perfect. The new Suzy Green makes straight As, hangs with the in-crowd at her new school, and dates the hottest guy around. And since all her new friends belong to a virginity club, she joins, too. So what if she’s not technically qualified?

This is What I Want To Tell You

Nadio and his twin sister, Noelle, always had a unique bond. And somehow, Keeley Shipley fit perfectly into their world. But when Keeley spends the summer in England, she comes home changed, haunted by a dark memory. As she and Nadio fall in love, they try to hide it from Noelle, who’s jealously guarding a secret of her own. Slowly, a life-long friendship begins to crack under the crushing weight of past trauma, guarded secrets, jealousy, obsession . . . and an unexpected love that could destroy them.

The Fat Girl

Jeff Lyons can’t stand Ellen de Luca, the fat girl in his ceramics class. She’s huge, clumsy, can’t throw a pot to save her life, and stares at Jeff all the time. But he’s a “nice guy” and feels terrible when Ellen overhears his hurtful remarks about her. The “crumbs of kindness” he tosses her way soon turn into advice on weight loss, college, clothes, hair . . . and, to everyone’s surprise, good-looking Jeff actually dumps his pretty girlfriend to be with the fat girl! Re-creating Ellen is a labor of love, Jeff thinks. But as her pounds melt away, Jeff resents the happy, independent young woman he has unleashed. Where is the gratitude for all he’s done for her?


So now that you’re a fan, here’s how you can stalk Flux:

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Here’s A Question For Ya–Houses Doing Teen Covers Right


Vamped           AX31WP     BlueIsFor


13RW_HC_SPECIAL_FINAL.indd        Devilish       BreatheMyName



CrackedUpToBe         UnTamed            Evermore


Cover envy. I have it. I love browsing through books online or in bookstores and looking at covers. It’s fun to think about which covers work and why. But I realized recently that I rarely look at covers by imprint or by publishing house. So, I’ve spent a few days going through the covers at different imprints to see if I noticed any trends or if any house’s covers particularly stood out to me. I only looked at YA imprints so keep that in mind. In fact, I started thinking about this in the first place when I notice how amazingly awesome all Flux’s covers are. So big round of applause for Flux on the cover front! Anyway, these are the imprints that I think are creating particularly standout covers for teens. Lucky authors and lucky readers who get to have these fab novels gracing their bookshelves.


How about y’all? Are their any houses whose covers you consistently love?