Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 “Awww” Moments in Books

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish featuring a new top ten list each week. Everyone can participate – head on over to their blog and sign up.

This week is Top Ten “Awww” Moments In Books (those cute lines, charming actions, kisses, or any other sentimental moment that made you say “AWWW!”). What’s your list?

10. From Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler:

“Don’t move, Anna Reiley. Right now, everything is perfect.”

9. From Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater:

Sam: “You—you greatly overestimate my self-control.”
Grace: “I’m not looking for self-control.

8. From Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr:

She stood in his kitchen, watching him toy with the ring in his lip. It wasn’t quite that he was biting it, but sucking it into his mouth. He did that when he was concentrating. It isn’t sexy. He’s not sexy. But he was, and she was staring at him like a fool.

“Wow,” she whispered (…..)

“Wow, huh?” His voice was low, husky. His chair creaked as he stood. His footsteps seemed strangely loud as he closed the couple yards between them. Then he was beside her. “I can work with wow”

7. From Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins:

“Remember, we’re madly in love, so it’s all right to kiss me anytime you feel like it.”

6. From Forever by Judy Blume:

“I love you, Michael Wagner.”

“Forever?” he asked.

“Forever,” I said.”

5. From Savvy by Ingrid Law:

Will removed a present from the stack on the table as we passed. “Happy birthday, Mibs,” he repeated, handing me a small package wrapped up in colorful paper. “It’s a pen set.” He nodded at the gift. “In case you were wondering.”

4. From Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter:

He was handsome. he was strong. And most of all, I knew that even though Josh might have been the boy who “saw” me, Zach knew where my favorite passageways were; Zach knew I was a pavement artist; Zach knew where I sat in class and what I ate in the Grand Hall…Zach “knew” me–

And that was maybe the scariest thing of all. So scary that I temporarily forgot I wasn’t just being cool standing there with my hand on my hip–that my hand actually served a purpose–so when Zach cocked his head and asked, “So what is it, Gallagher Girl?” I reached up to touch the cold stone wall.

And my bra landed on my feet.

3. From Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver:

“I vowed after that day that I would be your hero too, no matter how long it took”

2. From Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins:

He pats his way around the bed and slides back in. “Ow,” he says.


“My belt. Would it be weird…”

I’m thankful he can’t see me blush. “Of course not.” And I listen to the slap of leather as he pulls it out of his belt loops. He lays it gently on my hardwood floor.

“Um,” he says. “Would it be weird–”


“Oh, piss off. I’m not talking trousers. I only want under the blankets. The breeze is horrible.”

1. From Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling:

Harry looked around; there was Ginny running toward him; she had a hard blazing look in her face as she threw her arms around him. And without thinking, without planning it, without worrying about the fact that fifty people were watching, Harry kissed her.

After several long moments–or it might have been half an hour–or possibly several sunlit days–they broke apart. The room had gone very quiet. Then several people wolf-whistled and there was an outbreak of nervous giggling….Hermione was beaming but Harry’s eyes sought Ron. At last he found him, still clutching the Cup and wearing an expression appropraite to having been clubbed over the head. For a fraction of a second they looked at each other, then Ron gave a tiny jerk of the head that Harry understood to mean, Well–if you must.


Any faves from this list? Any that you hate? I had to go with HPott for the win, but, man, there are some great “Awww” moments in a bunch of my favorite books. I have one from Summer Sisters by Judy Blume that I love but I worried it was too spoilery? Ok, so a whole list could probably be made from Judy Blume’s books.

Reading ADD

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I’ve had some serious reading ADD as of late. With books I like, too. I’m in the middle of 4 books and I just started another one tonight. Oh well, I’ll finish them and I’m just kind of reading whatever I’m in the mood for at the moment. Last time I checked that wasn’t a crime, but still sort of weird since I’m usually a read in one sitting kind of girl.

I figure this might be a good thing, though, since I am in the middle of writing and usually I typically don’t read a lot while writing. I’m truly enjoying both right now, though, so maybe reading a bunch of books at once will keep me from soaking up someone else’s voice and squelching it out all over my own manuscript.

Here’s my abbreviated TBR list.

I’ve got Vampire Academy in there, Dead-Tossed Waves, Heist Society, Living Dead Girl and Wondrous Strange. My Soul to Take and Shiver are currently residing in my car. Nice variety, at least.

Oh yeah, and I tweeted this the other day, but it’s kind of funny. Here is me reading The Dead-Tossed Waves before going out on Saturday night for my friend, Emily’s, b-day. I’ve got my boot, my cute shoe, and my book. That about sums me up, I’d say.

Any bets on which book I’ll finish first?

I started Shiver in January.

I started My Soul to Take in the fall.

The Dead-Tossed Waves this past weekend

Heist Society a couple weeks ago

Living Dead Girl tonight

My money is on either Living Dead Girl or Dead-Tossed Waves