Whipped Into Shape

I’m feeling a bit out of shape.

Each word plops onto the page only after much huffing and puffing.

And I’d be lying if I told you my paragraphs weren’t a bit flabby.

And the adverbs? I need to shed those fast!

Yep, it’s sad, but true. I’ve fallen out of writing shape and I’m embarrassed.

In mid-November I wrapped up my writing projects and decided I would devote myself to school entirely. Well, my last final is on Tuesday and I can already just imagine how painful it’s going to be to get those creative muscles back in working order. When you get into the groove of writing every day you can feel yourself getting better and better. But getting started and getting in that groove…well that’s tough.

I watched Jay Leno last night and Michael Phelps was a guest star. He said that for every day you took off swimming you lost two days of training. Well, I hope its not that steep a loss with writing, but I’m not sure I’d equate knowing how to write with riding a bike or anything.

Luckily, even though gluing my butt to the chair and making myself eek out words the first few days might be painful, I am so looking forward to it! I’ve missed writing and I can’t wait to get back into it. I’ll also be back to doing prose. I’m doing a couple chapters as per the request of my agent with the characters of SCOUT. I can’t wait until Tuesday–ok, well I might not be writing Tuesday riiiiight after the exam, but Wednesday for sure!

Despite the fact that I’m a bit rusty, I have written much more intensively since my first novel (not SCOUT). I’ve landed a great agent. Lots has happened. I do feel like I’ve grown as a writer. I think that’s going to make things much more difficult because I’ll expect more from myself, but I’m also thrilled to be flexing my new writing muscles a bit in another full-length project. I’m pumped to see what I can do, but I’ve also gotten to know a bunch of great writers in the recent months and am hoping to use some of their input to bring my work to the next level. (That is, if they love me that much when I ask ’em!)


Anyway, to start slowly getting my behind in gear, I was wondering if y’all knew of any good websites with daily writing prompts or character exercises or maybe you just have some that you enjoy doing before really digging into a project. Let me know!


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Status: And…Back to studying.

Friday Forecast: The Michael Phelps of Writing

Last week we predicted the future of Harry Potter and this week I thought we’d tackle more of the same.

The reason: Michael Phelps.

Last night there was an interview in which Spitz was asked who was the best swimmer/Olympian of all time.

It got a bit awkward when Phelps thought the question was for him and started to answer, but that’s beside the point.

So here’s my question: Who is the best author of all time?

It’s not like we can measure it in seconds or even pages, but I figure if we can judge gymnastics, ice skating, and diving and award gold, silver, bronze accordingly, we can take a stab at figuring out who the best author is, right?

And since we had to suffer through the uncomfortable responses of both Phelps and Spitz as to who the best swimmer was, I have another question: Which author thinks they are the best writer of all time?

Ok, I have a couple responses in my head, but hopefully you guys will have some interesting ones first. Predict away and Happy Olympics!


Status: Still getting moved in, but I’m not going to lie I’m getting sucked in by Eclipse! I’ll review it as soon as I’m done!