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So this has been a super fun week in publishing. No denying that. Posts from Nathan Bransford and Moonrat, while informative, have left me wanting to tear my hair out a bit. Their silver lining? Publishing isn’t going to wither away completely. Great. Their advice? Buy new books.

Sure, you might feel that, as an individual, you don’t have much to offer. To which my response is not “See a therapist” but “Buy a book!”

I promise you can skip the chinese takeout this weekend and go out and purchase one book. Because as much fun as nibbling at your nailbeds whilst mulling over the future of your publishing career might be, proactivity is almost always more satisfying. (I’m very grassrootsy today)

Give book stores your vote of confidence today (or any time in the next two weeks). Go buy a book and slow down returns to the publisher.


First, click the poll and tell me how many books you plan to buy. Second, feel free to add the poll above to your blog and to ask people to buy books. If you have a book out that you’d wouldn’t mind people checking out provide a link to amazon in the comments section. If you have decided to ask others to buy books, link to your blog in the comments section.


I will add any links I get to my sidebar.


Today, I bought the first House of Night book, Marked, for  a friend, and Nate bought Chosen, the third book in the series for himself.


Get out there and buy those books!

Friday Forecast: Before You Go All Debbie Downer…

My responses to the Tuesday’s Publishing Election Day Questions…

What is your favorite agent blog? Probably Kristin Nelson’s. I read hers every day. But, I do like the Bookends Blog an awful lot. I just forget to check.

What is your favorite editor blog? Evil Editor, but I’m going to check out Editorial Anonymous now because I’ve never seen it before.

Which agent offered you the kindest rejection letter? Hmmm…Alyssa Eisner Henkin at Trident.

Who do you think the most popular agent is? Blog-wise…I think the commenters are right…It’s got to be Nathan Bransford. The second he posts he has one million–not exaggerating–comments. I dream of such a day. I’m not sure who the most popular agent would be to query. Maybe Donald Maas?


Back to the Friday Forecast:

Some of you might be down on the publishing industry…what with Creative losing $6.5 million and profits at Harper plunging from $36 to $3 million—yeah, you probably don’t want to think on that one too long–but, I’m hear to point out that a lot of good is still goin’ on in the world of debut authors today.


I want to take a second to congratulate Kasey Mackenzie on her THREE BOOK DEAL WITH PENGUIN/BERKELEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


“Kasey Mackenzie’s RED HOT FURY, to Jessica Wade at Berkley, in a good deal, at auction, in a three-book deal, by Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown (NA).”

So Awesome! Kasey was incredibly helpful to me while deciding which agent offer to accept. She took the time to write incredibly detailed responses and has still been kind enough to respond to each of my submission process questions. I couldn’t be happier for her and I think I’m seeing a 2010 debut author interview series coming on

Im more good news:

Morrigan on AW (aka Nicole Peeler) has just sold her urban fantasy series to Orbit in pre-empt for a three-book deal. TEMPEST RISING, the first book in the series will debut in Fall/Winter 2009!


Moral of the story: While, yes, like the rest of the economy, publishing has taken a hit. But great things are still happening to great people. The fact of the matter is that houses still have to buy books in order to make money. So, before we get all doom and gloom. Let’s try to appreciate the good news happening. (Do I sound like Hugh Grant in Love Actually or what?)


Finally, I wanted to respond to a few questions I’ve gotten from commenters lately:

1. Where will the Qanta Ahmed author chat be? The author chat will be over at the LibraryThing Website on November 10. Post questions for her over there. Membership to the site is free.

2. Where do you find out the categories for deal? I suggest everyone invest in a free subscription of Publisher Lunch. Yes, I know the opportunity cost there is high, but go ahead, take the plunge. Publishers Lunch is a newsletter that arrives in your inbox daily to tell you what’s going on in the world of books.

3. How do you audition for Working Partners? Go here: and fill out a form.



Coming up…


Tomorrow I’m going to discuss Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. If you haven’t read it, you could pick it up tonight and finish it by tomorrow and comment. Seriously.

Also, I’m giving you fair warning because Cindy Pon (aka Xiaotien) will be interviewed on Monday…and everyone loves her, so definitely check her interview out.


Status: I have an article due to Sprouts tomorrow on submitting graphic novels. So, yeah…I probably oughta write that.