Diary of a Draft: Hitting “The End”

Despite my complete failure to post my last update, I did, in fact, meet my deadline! I turned in the completed draft of ALIVE on Monday, which was very exciting. It made me want to hug things and give high-fives and most importantly, it made me want to nap.

For those of y’all that have been following along, you know I reached “The End” on Friday. Meaning I got to write those two words. But that’s not even close to the real end. I then spent virtually the entire weekend polishing the draft, connecting dots, fleshing things out, working on narrative logic. Working on actual sentences. All those fun, super time-consuming things that go into a book even after it’s been written.

The Saturday night before my deadline was my saving grace. I have to thank my husband, Rob, because I really don’t think I could have done it without him. He agreed to go to Mozart’s with me, a coffee shop on the lake here in Austin, and we stayed there until about midnight on Saturday. I didn’t turn the internet on once. Instructed Rob not to give me the password. And it worked. I wrote straight through the entire time. No small thanks to this handsome view across the table:



Reading Gone Girl, hard to get him to even look up

Sunday was spent in PJs reading through and revising. Again, thank you to Rob for ensuring that our house did not become a pig sty for me to roll around in my own filth. Oh yeah, and keeping me fed.

But in short, it’s done! …For now at least. Since, yeah, the hard work hasn’t even truly started yet. I’m expecting my edit letter in early Feb and then it will be back to the work of tearing this book apart to put it together again. As my agent likes to say, “Onward!”

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3 thoughts on “Diary of a Draft: Hitting “The End”

  1. Creative A says:

    So I’m a little bit late to the party, but finally caught up, and whoo! Go Chan! It was so much fun to read your diary (even if I did cheat by reading it all at once.) I’m really excited for you about your new project and all the awesome you’ve got going on. Yay for hitting the end, to this stage, at least!


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