A Sort of Mean Post (but not really)

So, I’ve been on a bit of a blog hiatus because of…deadlines. And regular work. And deadlines. And regular work and deadlines and…okay, you get the picture…

But in order (mainly) to prove that I do still exist, I’m interrupting that hiatus with a (mainly) uninformative post about a couple fun things that have been happening up in here aaaaaaaaaaaannnnndddd which now that I think about it, are maybe a little mean to share because…


Mean Thing #1:

Books! disneybooks notefromeditor


My editor at Disney sent a little Welcome to Disney box ‘o books. And while this picture may not seem particularly ill-willed, it probably *is* jealousy-inducing. I mean, hello, doesn’t everyone want these? I’ve been trying to get my hot little hands on these titles for a good while now and here they are, sitting happily on my desk. Super excited!


Mean Thing #2:

Contract signing!



Contract signing days are the happiest of days because you can breathe a big sigh of relief. (Ohm) This one in particular feels like a huge coup to finally have complete. But, again, here’s where the mean part comes in: This contract isn’t for ALIVE. That’s right, it’s a different book. And okay, I hate to be all teaser-y when I can’t share the details, but I’m currently engrossed in this project and I just couldn’t hold it in! So, please, forgive me until I can share more details, which I really really hope and pray will be relatively soon. It’s been a blast and I’m working feverishly this summer to complete what I need to complete so that I can return my attention to ALIVE edits when it’s time.


That’s it for me right now. All sunshine and rainbows until the “dreaded” editorial letter comes in and reality hits. Until then, I’ll be reading and drafting. What’s everyone else doing?

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