First of all, can I just say I’m SO excited that Shailene Woodley was officially cast in The Fault in our Stars. I’ve been watching this girl since the first season of Secret Life of the American Teenager (what, I said that out loud?) and really fell in love with her in The Descendants. Now, she’s going to be Tris in Divergent and Hazel Grace in TFIOS? Good for her, good for her. Mainly, I’m excited because based on her and John’s comments, it’s clear how much she loves the book and gets it. I think that’s what was so endearing about the cast of Harry Potter as opposed to…well…

Side note: Ricky from Secret Life of the American Teenager is set to be in Fox’s Delirium? Thoughts?




Anyway, this is a short post, mainly to contemplate why and if I may need new interests.

Laini Taylor has a section on her site Not for Robots about brainstorming and coming up with new ideas, which, as I mentioned yesterday, just so happens to be where I’m at this very moment. So, the idea is that you’re supposed to freewrite anything that comes to mind in a big long list that “lights your mind on fire.” By making this list, you are then able to determine what sort of book would truly excite you and that you should therefore write.

So, very dutifully, I’ve done this. I took out my pen and pad and just started scribbling down things that I love. The things I want to wikipedia every chance I get. The things that send me down rabbit holes…you get the picture.

Now imagine my list as one of those tag clouds where the words that appear the most are in big letters and the ones that appear the least are teeny tiny. Ok, here’s what mine looks like:


Serial Killers

boarding schools, unlikable protags, podcasts, everything else

Serial Killers


Ugh. So for anyone that knows me, this isn’t a surprise. I love me some serial killers. For instance, last night, my husband made me watch American Psycho. And I rarely stay awake in movies but I was happily watching this one all the way through. And he was all like, wow, not many girls like that movie. And I’m like, HELLO! SERIAL KILLERS! But that doesn’t necessarily mean I want to write a book about serial killers. I know, weird, right? Which leads me to the belief that I potentially need some new interests. So what are some things that are really awesome?

Other things I like Gangs, Street Families, true crime…okay these are all just milder degrees of serial killer. Damn.

2 thoughts on “Lists

  1. G. B. Miller says:

    I can completely sympathize with not wanting to write about serial killers. But I look at this way: I started writing a personal slush novel that features serial killers, partly to practice new writing techniques and partly to excise the frustations of a crappy day out of the system.

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