Please excuse this blog post, as I’m currently writing cross-eyed and with a forearm that feels like I’ve just played thirty matches of tennis…in a row. That’s right, you may have noticed it’s been blog-lite over here the past week or so, but for good reason. I’ve been finishing up revisions for my agent.

And I Just Turned Them In !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, this does not necessarily mean that I’m done for good, but I’m done for now. See, when I turned my manuscript into my agent last time, I thought it was as good as it possibly could be. My agent did, in fact, like it a lot. Happy words were tossed around. Lovely comp titles. Buuuuuuut (there’s always a but, isn’t there?), he thought I needed to “layer on the butter.” The plotting was all there. The writing in the beginning he loved. But he didn’t feel like I’d made the last half of the book my own. He thought I needed to dig deeper into a couple of the relationships. He thought that I needed more of my narrator’s inner commentary and her thoughts on her situation, which is what he felt made this, otherwise horror book, stand out.

So, he forced me to take a week away from the book, which I did and I even tried not to grumble too loudly about it. Originally, I’d thought I’d get the revisions done in a week, but I ended up taking three. And that was working all but 2-3 days out of those three weeks.

The manuscript grew by 13,00 words. I unearthed things about my MC that I didn’t know and thoughts I didn’t know she had. This is by far the most digging I’ve done on a project and I hope that my agent likes it. By the time I hit ‘Send’ I couldn’t bear to read the book one more time, which is usually how I know it’s time to go. So pray for my little book (and maybe a bit for my sanity, too).

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