Homeland Predictions

Why, Homeland, why are you gonneeeeeee?

Warning: This is all sorts of spoiler-y.


I just want to focus on one thing. Did Brody do it? Did he blow up the CIA headquarters, including Estes and Finn and the other 200 people inside?

The writer in me feels strongly that the answer should be yes. While I’ve never found the romance between Carrie and Brody particularly believable (Yeah, yeah, I get that the show writers have tried to sell the whole they’re-both-messed-up angle, so what? Something’s missing), the fact is that Brody compromises Carrie’s judgment, which is, as told to us by Carrie herself in Season 1,  the one element that is fundamental to her as a person. She’d been so sure and so wrong about Brody. Isn’t that what tore her up originally?

So, for the most satisfying plot and character arc, Carrie’s ill-advised love affair with Brody must cost something. And it must cost something big. While we want Carrie to win, we want it to be the Carrie we trust. The Carrie that could see things that others couldn’t. The Carrie that was dedicated to the cause above all else. That Carrie is the hero. And with all her dozens of flaws, she is at least a thousand times better than Brody because Brody, at his core, I think, is a coward. Although, I suppose, we can’t really be sure. Not yet anyway.

So we have to hope that the writers choose the most satisfying emotional payoff. We have to hope that the conversation with Mike in the bar and the continued insistence by all of the characters that Brody’s information regarding Abu Nazir was good throughout the last episode meant something. We should hope that Brody is the coward that we think he is. That he left Walden’s memorial because he knew what was about to happen and he didn’t want to be the suicide bomber he was supposed to be. And that he couldn’t take credit for the attack to Carrie because he still wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

And yet, I’m worried. I’m worried that the release of the video by Abu Nazir’s terrorist network and the all-too-obvious use of Brody’s car are setting us up for a story of framing and redemption for Brody instead of Carrie, which, let’s face it, should NOT be the character arc we’re looking for from Carrie Matheson. Don’t leave us with a Carrie who is rewarded for no longer questioning and for trusting things that go against her gut. At the end of the day, the first Carrie should be right. She’s the one we care about.

3 thoughts on “Homeland Predictions

  1. Lucy says:

    I was so on edge watching that finale! Every week of Homeland is like a season finale so I was scared of what they were going to hit us with with the actual season finale. The writers are keeping me guessing about Brody – I can’t get over my distrust of him and think he is involved with the bombing.

    Yes, there is something off about the romance between Carrie and Brody. I like them better when they have brief periods of time together during a crisis.

    I do agree with you about Carrie and hope that she gets the right storyline in the end. Did you think Brody was going to die? I totally expected that and now I don’t know what to think about next season.

  2. cmcraig says:

    Hi Lucy! I actually thought the beginning of the season finale was a little slow. I guess because it had so much of Brody/Carrie NOT in crisis as you mentioned. I’m pretty convinced that Brody is actually going to be good in the end…or at least innocent of the bombing, which is ridiculous. There is still the mole to contend with in the CIA.

    I’m all for red herrings, etc. but they need to be fair red herrings to the viewer.

    I sort of hoped Brody was going to die, but I’m not sure I thought that he would. I guess I thought Quinn was going to kill him and then maybe Carrie’s crusade would be to find out who was behind his assassination etc. I know from interviews with the writers that they wanted to kill off Brody at the end of the first season (which I think would have been kind of awesome), but the ratings were so good that the TV execs threatened to cancel the show if the writers didn’t rewrite the end of Season 1 to make Brody live. So I’m not surprised that he lives to see another day.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully this show doesn’t turn into 24, where anything, no matter how over the top, is possible. I think Brody will be on the run with Saul and the CIA after him. Meanwhile Carrie will constantly hinder their search without them knowing it while she tries to clear his name behind their backs. There will probably be a handful of ridiculous escapes by Brody orchestrated by Carrie in some completely unrealistic scenarios, but on the plus side, we’ll probably get a very small dose of the Brody family…which ultimately means we likely wont ever find out if Chris finally beat his video game.

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