Virtual Book Drive



So this has been a super fun week in publishing. No denying that. Posts from Nathan Bransford and Moonrat, while informative, have left me wanting to tear my hair out a bit. Their silver lining? Publishing isn’t going to wither away completely. Great. Their advice? Buy new books.

Sure, you might feel that, as an individual, you don’t have much to offer. To which my response is not “See a therapist” but “Buy a book!”

I promise you can skip the chinese takeout this weekend and go out and purchase one book. Because as much fun as nibbling at your nailbeds whilst mulling over the future of your publishing career might be, proactivity is almost always more satisfying. (I’m very grassrootsy today)

Give book stores your vote of confidence today (or any time in the next two weeks). Go buy a book and slow down returns to the publisher.


First, click the poll and tell me how many books you plan to buy. Second, feel free to add the poll above to your blog and to ask people to buy books. If you have a book out that you’d wouldn’t mind people checking out provide a link to amazon in the comments section. If you have decided to ask others to buy books, link to your blog in the comments section.


I will add any links I get to my sidebar.


Today, I bought the first House of Night book, Marked, for  a friend, and Nate bought Chosen, the third book in the series for himself.


Get out there and buy those books!

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5 thoughts on “Virtual Book Drive

  1. Jen says:

    I’ve got a blog post about this as well. Lots of people committing! I’m going to buy two, I believe. Maureen Johnson’s Suite Scarlett and the second in the House of Night series.

  2. jkb says:

    I’m In!

    I bought three over the weekend, and one yesterday – Violet Raines. Looking forward to it!

    Tell it –

  3. Marcie says:

    Hey, I love this! I can tell my hubby I have to buy more books. We’ll just have to buy another bookcase too…

    I’m going to buy Lauren Myracle’s Bliss and Ingid Law’s Savvy. The third book I leave open because half the fun of going to the bookstore is browsing. I actually went to Border’s last week to pick up Bliss, it wasn’t in stock *sigh*. About an hour later (maybe 2-who’s counting) I walked out with Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. Of course, I loved it!

  4. Dan Oja says:

    I buy way too many books as is, but hey, somebody has to support us authors. ;-)

    If you’re looking for something different, check out the digital versions of Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window where photos come to life as video.

    It’s a whole new genre that combines the rich detail of a book with the emotional power of film and the resources of the Web.

    Better yet, you can try it free! ;-)

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